World first CT UltraViLiBo


UV-curing machine with state-of-the-art LED-Technology

Cold embedding up from 60 seconds!

Powder-coated aluminum casing, wavelength 360-405 nm

- save time, energy costs and processing material
- transparent embedding, could be coloured
- easy-care due to solid, powder-coated aluminium housing
- gentle, silent drawer opening due to Push-To-Open technique
- up to 18 embeddings simultaneous (depending on contruction size)
- suitable for transparent embedding moulds: 25 mm up to 100 mm
- UV-LED-Lifetime: up to 2,8 Million embeddings
- temperature of polymerisation is approximately 90°C (70 °C), if initial temperatur is round about 22°C (14°C)
- hardness after curing process is about 84 to 86 Shore D
- low shrinkage

Additional increase of hardness and minimization of shrinkage is possible by adding glas beads/-plates.