Adapter Discs

CT GeccoFix


The alternative to all existing adapter discs!

Magnetically-adhesive onto all magnet carrier discs.

- Compatible with our non self-adhesive SiC wet grinding paper  
- Compatible with self-adhesive consumables such as polishing cloths or DIPLAS  
- Compatible with on the rear side foil-coated consumables


- Very easy to handle, the supplies can be applied and removed quickly
- Good adhesion
- There is no need for more steel discs: low environmental impact, big savings
- Easy to clean, e.g. with water and possibly with flushing fluid or cleaning alcohol, then
  ready for use immediately
- High durability


Adapter disc CT GeccoFix flex

The adapter disc CT GeccoFix flex applies the same features as CT GeccoFix, but is attached on ferro-foil.


New: Adapter disc CT GeccoFix self-adhesive

The adapter disc CT GeccoFix flex applies the same features as CT GeccoFix, but is self-adhesive.


Magnet adapter-disc MAGAS

tl_files/cloeren/content/bilder/produkte/zubehoer-und-verbrauch/Magas.jpgThe magnetic adapter is a metal disc with a polymer coating.
It is particularly suitable for fixing self-adhesive sanding papers and polishing cloths and can be adapted to all magnetic systems.
- 3D - surface for easy adhesive bonding
- Corrosion resistant
MAGAS-adapter discs are available in the following diameters: 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm.



The adapter disc for the fixing of non self-adhesive wet grinding papers

that keeps what it promises!

We guarantee the changing of at least 80 wet grinding paper sheets when used correctly.

GripFix can be used without problems on all magnetic carrier discs as it is applied on a ferrous foil. After the stripping off the protective film (do not discard) wet the surface with water, reducing the sticking strength a little, whilst remaining more than sufficient for the fixing of wet grinding paper. After use the grinding paper should be removed and if GripFix is no longer required, the drying-out of adhesive surface can be reduced by attaching the protective foil, so you have a durable GripFix - adapter disc.