Cold Embedding Materials


CEM1000 Blue

2-component embedding material based on high cross-linked Methylmethacrylate.
Universal cold embedding material with mineral filling material
Mixture ratio: 2 parts volume powder, 1 part volume hardening fluid
Processing time: 3 - 5 minutes
Hardening-time at room temperature: 10 - 12 minutes
Hardness: 81-83 Shore D
Linear shrinkage: 0.53 %
Polymerization temperature: 92-98°C
CEM1000 Blue Methylmethacrylate-free
Alternative to the hardener CEM 1000 blue you can order now a new version, who is MMA-free, i.e. the hardener is no longer dangerous goods. In addition the new version of the hardener smells not as strong and is split poorer.

2-component embedding material based on modified polyester resin which, due to its special properties expands and no longer shrinks. The cold embedding material is particularly well suited for hardness 83-87 Shore D and is characterized by an excellent edge-connection, therefore it expands during curing process. That effect is well known as of previous cold embedding material CEM3000+.
Mixture ratio: 1 parts volume Powder, 1 parts volume hardening fluid
Mixture ratio: weight 3:2
Processing time: 5 minutes
Hardening-time at room temperature: 20 - 25 minutes
Hardness: 83-87 Shore D
Polymerization temperature: 110°C for 40mm-moulds
Hardening fluid: keep cool and dark (not above 20°C)!
Minimum durability: 3 months
With the previous CEM3000 + powder incompatible

3-component embedding material based on modified polyester in the form of powder, Syrup I and Syrup II.
CEM2000 TRIFIX properties display very low shrinking and excellent edge connection.
Colour: whitish opaque.
Universal cold embedding material with mineral filling material
Mixture ratio: 3 parts volume powder, 2 parts volume syrup I, 1 part volume Syrup II
Mix the Syrup I and II first, then add the powder
Processing time: 3 - 5 minutes
Hardening-time at room temperature: 8 - 10 minutes
Hardness: 85-87 Shore D
Polymerization temperature: 92-98°C



A clear – transparent 2-component - cold embedding material with very good adhesion and new environmentally, friendly hardening system. During the curing under pressure (for example in the pressure pot) you get crystal-clear embeddings.
Mixing ratio: 2 parts volume powder, 1 part volume hardening liquid
Processing time: 3 - 4 minutes
Hardening-time at room temperature: 7 - 8 minutes
Hardness: 85-87 Shore D
Polymerization temperature: 85 - 89°C
Accessories therefor:
Pressure pot 4 l
- To blow- and pore-free curing of CEM3020
- Compressed-air connection(2 bar) or compressor required
- Dimensions: Ø 195 mm, height: 185 mm, including 2 m filling hose

CEM4000 Lightfix

Light hardened one-component embedding material of highest translucency based on Methacrylate.
CEM4000 Lightfix hardens with blue light (wavelength 400 nm to 500 nm).
With our product, layer thicknesses of 20 mm can be hardened without difficulty in one step.
After the polymerization built-up inhibition layers on the surface can be wiped away very simply with a cloth impregnated in alcohol. Thereafter, a crystal-clear test specimen is formed.
One does not need any additional masking lacquer!
Technical details:
Gap width: max. 20 µm
Linear shrinkage: max. 0.25 %
Hardness: at least 80 Shore - D, is already achieved after a single exposure time of 9 minutes.
High quality special –cold embedding material CEM 9000
- Are easy and fast to process
- Exhibit due to their viscosity no porosity
- Produce because of the low temperature development despite short curing no stress cracks
- Have good bonding, edge sharpness and very high edge strength
- Are very easy to grind and resistant to acids

CEM9000 very thin fluid - qualified for mass of embeddings

CEM9000 is a high quality, nearly odorless, two-component Polyurethane casting compound without filling material.

- Very thin fluid, good through hardening, very high hardness, good heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, very low curing temperature, ideal for materialographic sample preparation.
Color of resin: component A   white (1kg)
Color Hardener: component B   light yellow (1kg)
Mixture ratio: 1: 1
Processing time: 3 - 5 minutes
Processing temperature: 18 - 25 ° C
Hardening-time at room temperature: 15 - 25 minutes
Hardening temperature: approx. 80°C for 40 mm moulds
Hardness: 70 - 75 Shore D
Viscosity of the mixture: 40 - 60 mPas
Linear shrinkage: 0.15 - 0.20 %

Epoxy resins:

Epoxy 1000

Epoxy resin, low splitting & shrinkage, watery, free of solvents and filling materials
Color: crystal-clear
Mixture ratio: 100: 20
Processing time: 20 minutes
Hardening time: 6-8 hours
Heat strength: 85 ° C
Viscosity of the mixture 600-700 (mPas)
Refractive index: Resin 1.543
Hardness: 1.520
Storage: closed at 15 °C for 12 months

Epoxy 2000

Epoxy resin, high translucence, low splitting & shrinkage, watery, free of solvents and
filling material
Color: crystal-clear
Mixing ratio: 100:48
Processing time: 45 minutes
Hardening time: 14 - 16 hrs
Heat strength: approx. 85°C
Viscosity: Resin 400 (mPas)
Hardness 200 (mPas)
Mixed 201 +- 50 (mPas)
Refractive index: Resin 1,543
Hardness 1,520
Storage: closed at 15°C for 12 months

Epoxy 3000 Quick - in tins and glass bottles

Epoxy resin with low viscosity, low shrinkage
Color: crystal-clear
Mixing ratio 100: 28
Processing time: 30-40 minutes
Hardening time at 80 °C: 30 minutes
Viscosity: Resin 600-700 (mPas)
Storage: closed at 15 °C for 12 months

Epocloer 3000 Plus

Epoxy resin, low splitting & shrinkage, watery, free of solvents and directly mixed with a filling material.
Visualization of the embedding agent in the macroscopy and microscopy (bright field, dark field, polarization and fluorescence)

Pigmented Epoxy resin

Epocloer - Epoxy Color paste red, blue, yellow, green and black in 100 g tub
Pigment paste for permanent staining of epoxy resins
Higher pigment content, easily mixable, light strong, softening agent free, cadmium & lead free.
During dark field viewing optimal reproduction of the colour pigments, allowing the viewing of cracks and pores. Mixing ratio of 1 - 10 %
Mixing ratio of 1 - 10%
The color pastes contain an epoxy resin as binding agent; therefore the addition takes place to be dyed resin component.

Epocloer 4000 Pigmentpowder

Pigment powder 50 g tin, for mixing into epoxy resin
Visualization of pores, cracks and other defects
Dosage: mix approx. 1 g to 2 g into approx.100 g resin
EPO-RESIN epoxy resin + Hardener
EPO-RESIN is a transparent epoxy resin, low splitting & shrinkage, thin fluid and has a very low viscosity.
- Mixture ratio: 100 : 13
- Processing time: 45 minutes