Mobile Component Microscope


New: TKM-S Transportable Metallographic Microscope TKM Standard

The TKM is a microscope for ambulatory (portable) Metallography.
It is mainly intended for the on-site viewing and recording of metallographic sections of large parts (for example in foundries) and outdoor facilities (power plants, chemical plants, etc.) as well as for macro examinations (visual on-site inspection).
TKM has an autonomous LED lighting that can also be used coaxial (picture left) as well as sidewise. The LED lights are powered by a rechargeable battery box or operated wirelessly with batteries. The rechargeable battery box ensures operation for several hours.
A digital camera serves for documentation and saves for example the production of imprint foils.

- Stand: round foot, straight lens tube
- Incident light - objective 10X, planachromatic (100X)
- WF-ocular 10X
- 2 LED lights, white, with button cells (wireless)
- Illumination coaxial / oblique
- In form-foamed transport case
- Photo-ocular 10X and 20X, plan-compensated
- Digital Camera for TKM

Possible magnifications with optional components:
Incident light-objective 4x planachromatic (40X + 80X)
Incident light-objective 20x planachromatic (200X + 400X)]