Cut-off wheels

We offer the following products:

Wet cut-off wheels

  • Norm cut-off grinding discs
  • Universal cut-off grinding discs fabric-strengthened and non-strengthened
  • Cut-off grinding discs for NE-metals and plastics
  • Cut-off grinding wheels for Titan

Diamond cut-off grinding discs

  • Metal-bonded
  • Bakelite-bonded
  • Galvanic-bonded

CBN-Cut-off wheels



Newly developed special heat- and corrosion protection agent for all types of cutting machines

New: CUTClean

CutClean will be used when using CUTLUB before the coolant-change as a system-cleaner or even during the editing-process as a fungicide

New: Defoamer

Mineral-oil-free, with anti-foaming propertie


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