Damage analysis

In the area of damage analysis, we can offer the following services:

  • Damage assessment and introduction of the necessary analytical methods
  • Processing of the analysis from the studies and their summary
  • Conducting research for the comparison with any previous damage cases
  • Preparation of material analysis (spectral analysis, special tests (such as corrosion test)
  • Cooperation with well-known material testing laboratories in Germany and institutes


Would you like to place an order for a damage analysis, please contact us!



Contract Materialography

In the area of Contract Materialography, we can offer the following services:

  1. Production of macro-and micro cuts
  2. Grain structure investigation and evaluation
  3. Photographic documentation
  4. Production of materialographic cut tests and development of the preparation steps with recommendation of the consumables to be used.
  5. Test preparation for the microscopic evaluation and documentation on a digital picture display system


  • Micro hardness test
  • Picture analysis, Grain size, layer thicknesses, particle count, pore analysis
  • REM - analysis with microprobe investigation
  • Mobile component examination


The price of the preparation depends on the costs incurred and can be arranged as a flat rate. If you require we can provide you a more detailed quote.


In addition we offer:

  • Production of macro-and micro cuts - structural examination and evaluation - photographic documentation - client specific
  • Sample preparation for microscopic evaluation and documentation of an image archiving system