Digital Image Processing


We offer hardware and software in the field of digital image processing.


Our partners: dhs - Dietermann & Heuser Solution GmbH (


The image database, a modular software solution for multiple applications in industry, BioMed and research, uses all areas of the workflow in the daily routine.

Currently there are 25 modules available for image processing, recording, analysis, archiving and documentation.

There is hardly any business from material production to the aerospace industry – where this software is not in use.  Currently up to 2000 installations. The program is very flexible and can be amended according to the individual user’s requirements and is individually programmable. It is characterized by easy handling, constantly improved through the continued cooperation between the software producers and hundreds of users in the field.

As deployment platforms serve all current Windows operating systems  (Win 2000 and XP), by a perfect connection to the Microsoft Office package is given an optimal internal and external communicability. The innovation of the products will be demonstrated impressively by the multimedia- and internet ability. That is why this software is the trend-setter in this industry.

Our product range is completed by hardware (PC systems, frame grabbers, cameras, etc.). The software company also offers consulting, customization and services (installation, individual programming, etc.) as well as a wide range of training. If necessary we can provide these services for you.


If interested, please Contact us. We will advise you individually and make an offer.