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We offer the following consumables for materialographic sample preparation:

1. Cutting

  • Wet cut-off grinding discs
  • Diamond cut-off discs
  • CBN cut-off discs
  • Corrosion protection agent

2. Embedding agents

  • Warm embedding agents
  • Cold embedding agents
  • Embedding forms and embedding aids

3. Grinding

  • Diamond surface and fine grinding discs (Piatto und Piatto +)
  • Diamond surface wheels (Diplas Ni und Re)
  • Fine grinding discs (Allegran 9 and Largan 9)
  • Zircon corundum wet grinding paper
  • SiC wet grinding paper
  • SiC paper foiled
  • Corundum wet grinding paper
  • Diamond foil and Aluminium oxide foil (on request)
  • Pot grinding discs
  • Grinding stones

4. Polish

  • Polishing cloths self-adhesive
  • Magnetic polishing cloths on Ferrous-foil and on steel wheels
  • Diamond paste
  • Diamond suspension
  • Two-in-One Suspension
  • Diamond spray
  • Lubricant
  • Finishing polish suspension
  • Magnet adapter wheels
  • Inter alia

5. Etching

  • Etching agents
  • Electrolytes
  • Etching tongs
  • Etching bowls

as well as accessories, mobile Materialography and mobile Microscopes

A price list is available on request. We offer our products online in our online shop. Some products are still in the process of development and testing phase, but the offer is constantly expanding.

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