Thin Section Preparation and Microtomy

We offer accessories for microtomy and the production of thin sections in the field of geosciences and Materialography.



Otolith = fish-ear-stone, thickness of thin section: 25 µm

Accessories for Microtomy and thin section production:

Glass slide holder for manual thin section production

Glass slides for manual thin section production:

Glass slides of the dimensions of 48x28mm, also known as "Giessener Format", are used traditionally for thin section preparation. Today's mainly mechanical production makes in this connection high demands on the glass slides:

• Low-stress glass to prevent breakage of glass
• Glass thickness > 1.5 mm also to prevent breakage of glass
• Constant thickness of the glass with low tolerances (± 0, 05mm)
   for low removal (time and cost) for plane grinding
• Ground edges (90 °) to prevent injuries and outbreaks
In cooperation with the traditional company W. Knittel Glass Processing GmbH, as a manufacturer of various standard- and special glass slides as well as many users, we have developed a product that will meet the stated requirements.

We have compiled a glass slide-set in order to find the ideal product:

Glass slide 48x28mm, 1.5-1.6mm, package 50 pieces

GOT001    Cut edges, clear (OT)
GOT002    Cut edges, one-side matted (OTM)
GOT003    Ground edges, clear (OTM)
GOT004    Ground edges, one-side matted (OTGM)
GOTDG001  Cover glasses 24x40 mm, package 100 pieces

For large-format cuts we offer you the same quality:

Glass slide 50x50 mm, 1.5-1.6 mm, package 50 pieces

GOT005    Cut edges, clear (OT)
GOT008    Cut edges, one-side matted (OTM)
GOT006    Ground edges, clear (OTM)

GOTDG002  Cover glasses 50x50 mm, package 100 pcs

Glass slide 75x100 mm, 1.5-1.6 mm, package 50 pieces

GOT007  Cut edges, clear (OT)

Embedding of specimens
Embedding moulds
Specimen adapter

Holding of specimens
Sandwich holder
Microtome span camp
Reducing of cuts
Knifes, Disposable blades, Precision scissors, Tweezers-blade, Tweezers-pointed-straight,Tweezers-pointed-curved
Scalpel, Preparation needle, Brush Set
Mounting of cuts
Glass slides
Marking pen
Covering up of cuts
Canada balsam
Cedar wood oil
Cover glasses
Keeping of cuts
Preparation box
Shipping container
Cleaning wipes
Compressed air spray
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