We have decided to intensify our training activities. The focus is on the optimization of the infrastructure as well as the best possible location. Our business partners thankfully support this concept, now we are proud to say that from the year 2015 our lessons will take place in these locations:

Training center – Wegberg

In 2014 we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary, coupled with 30 years of professional experience for the preparation. For six years we have been working in the area of sample preparation and the joint training together with Micro Kern. Joint Projects like for example the thin cut technique will follow.

Lette Verein – Department Metallography and material-physical analysis

The “lette verein” will celebrate its 150th anniversary in the year 2016 as a job training center. The department metallography has been training  nationally sought technical assistants from metallography for 110 years. Tradition is combined with modern technology and current course content.

University of technology – Berlin - Field of polymer engineering / Polymer physics

Here we will carry out together with Micro Kern events surrounding microtome and microscopy. The students from the “lette verein” have also had excursions to the institute to learn about the area of processing and examination of plastic.

We also offer in-house training which has following benefits:

  • no lack of staff
  • no expenses for traveling
  • training with your equipment
  • there are no extra costs after the amount of payment is set
  • direct advice and problem-solving on site

Your workers receive extensive training tools and a certificate about the participation. All of the training content can be fitted to your individual needs. For Job experience on site we would require information about present equipment, materials and knowledge about the co-workers etc. 

We can offer you following trainings:

Our Training Courses

Material science training

1. Material science - microstructure representation and interpretation

What is meant by the concept structure?
How is a structure formed?
The structure and its interpretation
Link between structure and material properties
The "true" structure - avoidance of preparation artifacts and misinterpretation

2. Material science and sample preparation – from the material sample to the final cut

Sample Extraction – Sawing, cutting and others
Sample fixation – warm or rather cold embedding
To sand and polish
Visualization of the micro sculpture through the acid
To microscope and the interpretation

3. On site Material science

Individual processing ways to make a cut production
Safety of the surface structure through sheets or the replica technique 
Visualization of the microstructure

Training Courses with our business partners

Preparation Trainings

1.Sample preparation and embedding
(Seminar → PEEB (german description)– twice a year, 1-day; preparation course for PNMW, PMW dnd MPIP)

Optimal Adjustment of the sample extraction and embedding with a main focus Work with non-Metal materials

Participation fee:
300,00 € (380,00€ as stand-alone Course)

2. Microtomy for the preparation of industrial Products
(Seminar → MPIP (german description)– once a year, 2-day; Berlin or Wegberg)

Cutting and sectional reduction techniques, knife choice, target preparation

Participation fee:
690,00 €

3. Preparation for metal materials
(Seminar → PMW (german description)– twice a year , 2-day; spring in Berlin, autumn in Wegberg)

Sample Extraction
Cut technique
Etching process

Participation fee:
990,00 €

4. Preparation for non-metal materials
(Seminar → PNMW (german description)– twice a year, 2-day; spring in Berlin, autumn in Wegberg)

Sample Extraction
Cut- and thin section technique

Participation fee:
990,00 €

5. To microscope and the digital picture documentation
(Seminar → MDFD (german description) – twice a year, 1-day; advanced training course to PNMW, PMW and MPIP)

Optical contrast methods
Microscopy and documentation of customer samples

Participation fee:
300,00 € (380,00 € as stand-alone Course)

If you show any interest towards the training please contact us. We would be pleased to show you an individual offer.
Here you can download the registration form of our trainings in german language:
    registration form of our trainings