Warm embedding materials


WEM Epoxy

Warm embedding materials on epoxy resin basis; black with mineral filling materials.
Very high hardness, very low shrinking - for edge studies of surface-treated materials such as nitride layer.


WEM UNI (white/grey)

Universal inorganically filled glass fiber reinforced warm embedding material.
Good adhesiveness at the sample surface, optimal edge clearance, when warm embedding it becomes watery, so that it also partly penetrates into the porous sample surface; chemical resistant.


WEM Clear

Thermoplastic transparent warm embedding material.
Optimal transparency, good adhesiveness to the sample surface, chemical resistant.



Warm embedding material with excellent electrical conductive properties, therefore very suitable for examinations in the SEM; voltage loss almost completely eliminated. Filling material: Graphite


WEM Phenol

Warm embedding material on phenol resin basis, black with wood flour as filling material - cheap fill material for the above warm embedding material.
- chemical resistant



Warm embedding material from natural fiber-reinforced compound based on PLA
– biodegradable


Filler for warm embedding from natural fiber-reinforced compound based on polypropylene
– biodegradable

WEM FAST Orange and WEM FAST Blue

Thermosetting warm embedding material with inorganic and organic fillers filled melamine resin for warm embedding of materialographic samples.
WEM FAST Orange and WEM FAST Blue produce a very good contrast at materialography samples with a light or dark surface coating such as in color layers, nickel or nitride layers.
- Color: Orange or blue