Wet cut-off wheels

New: Universal cutting discs
Suitable for most technical materials, e.g. Ni-based alloys cutting disc
Ø 250 x 1,5 x 32 mm and Ø 250 x 0,8 x 32 mm

New: Fabric-strengthened for surface-hardened steels, inductive and case hardening steels
For core hardness up to 450 HV and more than 450 HV

High-Quality cut-off wheels
- Long life tool
- High stability
- Stable cutting quality
- Clean cuts

The cut-off wheels structure is designed to be maintained the optimal cut-off properties when changing the peripheral surface speed (cut-off wheels abrasion) This is ensured by the different abrasive agent concentration over the entire disc section. This is referred to in the manufacture of progressive presses.

The ‘intelligent’ cut-off wheel is in use for over 30 years! We offer universal cut-off wheels fabric-strengthened and non-strengthened for a low price!

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Advantages of Wet cut-off wheels fabric-strengthened and non-strengthened:

- Long life tool
- High stability
- Clean cuts
- No clamps, because of roughened surface

The cut-off wheels structure is designed to be maintained the optimal cut-off properties when changing the peripheral surface speed (cut-off wheels abrasion).

Choice of cut-off wheel: Depending on the type, hardness, ductility, and the dimension of the material to be separated you have to use different wheel specifications. The new and unique colour coding indicates the difference in wheel hardness. Ceramics, hard metals, glasses and minerals are separated with diamond cut-off wheels.

For best results and easy application: We offer for the different materials, component dimensions and hardness, optimal cut-off wheels. The registers serve as a basis for finding the correct specification.

Processing notes:
- Adequate cooling and lubrication with 2-3% corrosion protection coolant
- Avoid too much grinding pressure for avoiding cut deviation
- For larger component dimensions, we recommend to use the next softer specification.
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CUTLUB - Newly developed special heat- and corrosion protection agent for all types of cutting machines

CUTLUB is a water-soluble, mineral oil-free cooling lubricant of the amine and boric acid-free generation, which offers high technical capacity and the best possible industrial safety protection for personnel.

CUTLUB is a special product for the separation of hard metal materials, steel and cast quality, coloured metals and non-ferrous materials.

CUTLUB prevents the absorption of cobalt ions in grinding and/or decollating solutions and with that also their burning. The protection of the workers is improved significantly.

CUTLUB- Qualities:

- Translucent solution
- High stability with low-lathering
- Effective corrosion reduction
- Good cooling ability and rinsing effect
- Long endurance the grinding and/or decollating liquid
- Water danger class 1
- Very small hydrogen evolution during the magnesium processing
Mixing ratio: 1: 30

New: CUTClean
CUTClean will be used when using CUTLUB before the coolant-change as a system-cleaner or even during the editing-process as a fungicide.
-    Excellent flushing effect
-    Bactericidal and fungicidal effect
-    Good corrosion protection
-    Easy application
-    Improved occupational hygiene
-    Cleaning even in inaccessible places

CUTClean is added for exchange provided solution depending on degree of contamination of 0.5 to 1.5%.
New: Defoamer

Mineral-oil-free, with anti-foaming properties