Embedding Accessories

Embedding accessories for warm and cold embedding




Mono clips made of plastic in black, red, green, purple, yellow and transparent, new version, see images!


Sampfix made of plastic for fixing small flat samples, such as PCB sections e.g.

- 5 partitions, 1 mm distance
- 4 partitions, 2 mm distance
- 3 partitions, 3 mm distance



Sixclip made of plastic for fixing of up to six samples




Clipbox: Range with all variations of embedding accessories with practical transparent box, Contains: 120 different embedding accessories

Pressure pot 4 l
- To blow- and pore-free curing of CEM3020
- Compressed-air connection(2 bar) or compressor required
- Dimensions: Ø 195 mm, height: 185 mm, including 2 m filling hose
Paraffin for vacuum infiltration CTWax N, CTWax Plus and CT Wax Xtra

With this method, pores, fissures, cracks and similar openings are sealed so any moisture remains trapped after preparation (eg after cleaning or after etching) and does not pollute the environment.
For this purpose, paraffin (such as paraffin) can be melted in a laboratory vessel with the addition of fluorescent dyes; these make the pores and gaps visible afterwards. When immersed in the paraffin, the sample should be warmed slightly already.
For very fine porous material a short vacuum infiltration has proven favorable as well. Here, the laboratory vessel is placed in a pressure pot with the paraffin and the sample. Then you can let the paraffin flow in the pores and cracks, with pressure.
After sufficient paraffin is pulled into the surface, the remainder of the prepared ground surface is to be wiped with a clean soft cloth. Alternatively, it is to be lifted off the surface, after it has hardened.
The sample can be final polished with oxide polishing suspensions easily.
In this case, the paraffin won’t be removed.
Additionally in program:

Mixing pot 0.2 l, thin-walled card, white, one-sided PE coated (inside)

Mixing spatula, made of wood, 10 x 114 mm

TrenM 400 ml (silicone free!) Mould release agent for press- and embedding moulds

Measuring spoon 17 ml, 158 mm, transparent